Thursday, 17 January 2013

The best things about winter

We’re not deep in snow here, but it is -3⁰C.  The sky is bright blue and sunny which makes it easy to look at the wonderful things that winter can bring us:

1.       The beautiful scenery of the frost and ice on the trees, fields and hedgerows.  All white and glistening in the sunshine

2.       The horses in the field wrapped up in their blankets against such a wintry backdrop

3.       The discussion in the car with my son about whether horses like eating frosty grass for breakfast or not (we have no idea)

4.       Kiddies all wrapped up super warm in coats, scarves, gloves and hats, so much so that the little ones can hardly move their arms about

5.       Enjoying the British tradition of talking about the weather with strangers: how cold it is, the prospect of more snow

6.       Snuggling up with my son in bed this morning giving me an excuse to stay warm in bed longer

7.       Hot chocolate

8.       Being able to put a woolly hat on top of a bad hair day

Although I am longing for warmth and sunshine, winter does make me grateful for summer when it comes.  I’m also super grateful for my central heating, my nice warm duvet, my loft insulation and double-glazing.  Blue sky and sunshine make me happy whatever the temperature but realising how lucky I am, makes me happiest of all.

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