Saturday, 18 May 2013

It has been a long time.

Well, it really has.  I have been busy focusing on other areas of my life for the last few months.  As a parent, I don't get a lot of time to spend on things that aren't directly related to being a parent.  That includes slumping on the sofa of an evening, of course.  That is directly related to the amount of hassle and energy-sapping antics my four year old has been up to throughout the day.

Anyway, I just popped in to say that I really miss having a bit of a rant or cathartic outpouring on here, so I may start it up again soon.  However, I am making no promises.  Every time I think I might get around to doing something fun for me, someone decides to get ill in the house or part of the house ceases to function.  

I am determined though, so you never know.  Now, there's suspense for you!  I am not sure if you find a new post on here in the near future that it means that I have achieved world domination or that I have given up trying.  I will try to make it obvious either way.  

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A day in the life of...

I dropped my son at nursery at 9am this morning. 

Since then I have:

·         Done the grocery shopping

·         Cleaned my son’s room – recycling the old pictures, sneaking broken toys into the bin, matched bits of toys together and reorganised his cars

·         Vacuumed the whole house

·         Emptied the washing machine

·         Put on more washing

·         Hung up wet laundry and put away dry laundry

·         Ironed a load of dry laundry

·         Emptied the dishwasher

·         Sorted the recycling - including hiding anything my son may still think he wants

·         Filled the dishwasher

·         Matched toys up downstairs and put them in the right place

·         Cleaned kitchen surfaces

·         Replaced loo rolls

·         Changed bathroom towels

·         Organised a bag for charity

·         Sorted through a load of old receipts that were lying around

·         Cleaned jam out the hall carpet

It’s now 12:15pm and lunchtime.  I have time for lunch and to clean the bathroom before I’m off again to get to the nursery early to go through my son’s ‘learning journey’ to check how both he and the nursery are doing.

I often wonder whether teaching teenagers what is involved in being a parent of a young child might make them realise it’s not all fun.  Would adverts highlighting the reality of parenting help the teenage pregnancy rate?

On the plus side, it is all good exercise!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

The best things about winter

We’re not deep in snow here, but it is -3⁰C.  The sky is bright blue and sunny which makes it easy to look at the wonderful things that winter can bring us:

1.       The beautiful scenery of the frost and ice on the trees, fields and hedgerows.  All white and glistening in the sunshine

2.       The horses in the field wrapped up in their blankets against such a wintry backdrop

3.       The discussion in the car with my son about whether horses like eating frosty grass for breakfast or not (we have no idea)

4.       Kiddies all wrapped up super warm in coats, scarves, gloves and hats, so much so that the little ones can hardly move their arms about

5.       Enjoying the British tradition of talking about the weather with strangers: how cold it is, the prospect of more snow

6.       Snuggling up with my son in bed this morning giving me an excuse to stay warm in bed longer

7.       Hot chocolate

8.       Being able to put a woolly hat on top of a bad hair day

Although I am longing for warmth and sunshine, winter does make me grateful for summer when it comes.  I’m also super grateful for my central heating, my nice warm duvet, my loft insulation and double-glazing.  Blue sky and sunshine make me happy whatever the temperature but realising how lucky I am, makes me happiest of all.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

My son got 82%!

Fabulously my son already knows his way around Hotel Chocolat and chose this lovely bar of 82% gorgeousness from Equador for my Christmas stocking.

Top choice! It certainly hits the spot, especially after said son has been a bit of pickle.