Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Not enough chocolate in the house...

The last two nights the little one has decided not to sleep.  No apparent reason (which is more annoying) so he is fine during the day.  It is just me who is grumpy and keeps dropping things.  *yawn*

It has been a stressful few weeks here and this blog has suffered through lack of inspiration.  I was hoping that as of yesterday things would've calmed down and I would have time to get back on with things.  However, I have a feeling my brain is still asleep upstairs.

During the last few weeks I have been reading a lot of interesting, very serious, very brain-consuming books, fretting over husband's job situation and dealing with the little one on my own for a few days.  All of this has taken up a lot of spare time and in particular 'brain time'.  Add to that entertaining a little one with nursery and playgroups on Easter break and I've not had too much time to myself let alone to think, ponder and write.

Keep your fingers crossed that everything settles down for me soon, that the little one sleeps and that the sun starts shining soon.

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