Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Social Grandparents

I recently had a birthday.  Not a big one, nothing too special, but I think the last time husband and I properly went out for dinner (and by ‘properly’ I mean I actually wore a dress and heels) was for my birthday last year.

This year, I guess I had hopes that we might make it out again.  However, what I forgot is these days, grandparents are busy people.  Both sets of available grandparents had parties to go to on the Saturday night and then needed Sunday to recover and Sunday night to get to sleep early for work on Monday.

Something doesn’t feel right about this.  I’m in my thirties and have zero social life.  Any time I want to go out I have to book in a date about a month in advance to fit in with the oldies’ packed social calendar.  Some are so busy working, socialising and having fun that they are never around.  This is a problem that is rife these days.  I have friends who are desperate to go out as a couple but only get to do so on Wednesday evenings or in an afternoon as the grandparents are far too busy Friday and Saturday nights. 

I seem to recall my grandparents being retired.  They did the garden, read the paper and if they went out, it was to meet friends in town for a cup of tea, or a doctor’s appointment.  They were dependably ‘in’ at all times.  In fact, I seem to remember my Mum being in a bit of a tizz if the phone wasn’t answered.  No answer meant they couldn’t hear it from the garden or, if it was raining, they were clearly lying on the floor half dead.

Of course, I am pleased that the grandparents are getting out and enjoying life, especially now they are free of their own children.  I look forward to that part of my life.  But, I wouldn’t mind being out after dark on a Saturday again sometime this year.

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