Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What being a SAHM is all about

As much as being a Stay at Home Mum (SAHM) frequently drives me to swearing, cursing and crying (not in front of my son!) there are days like today which are fun and truly priceless.

This afternoon has been hot and humid.  A long walk along the river meant that the little hand running up behind me and grabbing mine was sweaty and sticky.  But, it was perfect.  I know that one day, sooner than I shall expect, that hand will not want to hold mine at all.  Then one day it will be a big, man hand and will dwarf mine.

After the little one announced that he wanted me to ‘snack him up’ (!), we settled on the grass by the river and watched boats, helicopters and ducks.  We took time to sit and search for four-leafed clovers and admired the daisies.  I sang (it’s ok, there was no one around...) ‘Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do...’ to him loudly, as my Grandma used to do with me. 

It got too hot so we continued on, following an official footpath sign.  However, we soon discovered we had no idea where we were.  Apart from the concern of getting home in time to cook dinner, I was a bit worried that we’d been out for some time in the heat.  I was expecting the little one to pass out from thirst as we powered up the last hill to discover the main road and a helpful bus stop to rescue us. 

An unplanned trip on the bus is about the best thing my son can think of happening in an afternoon so he was overjoyed, if a little worn out. 

Watching him after dinner watering the seeds he’d planted with husband, wearing just his t-shirt, baggy pants and wellies is an image I’d love to keep in my head for a long time.  Well, I did take some photos, but I think they’ll be seen only by a future girlfriend or for blackmail.


  1. What an amazingly lovely post - you have this amazing day captured so well in words, that along with the photos it will now stay with you forever. I love it when these special times happen. We had one at Mudchute City Farm a couple of weeks ago, just the two of us, wandering round, petting the animals and bantering together. Bliss!

  2. Trouble is, they wake up the next day and are a pickle all day and by lunchtime you're left wondering why you chose that over being in an office :)

  3. I really needed to read this post. I've handed in my notice recently to be a SAHM. Some days are hard and lonely but I know I'll never miss those precious growing up moments. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. My pleasure. But yes, remember not all days are wonderful :) Having the time to stop and look at the flower in the hedgerow or watch the man digging up the road is so wonderful. I have learned a lot about stopping for a moment and seeing life.