Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Yum yum, delivery for CocoaPowered!

Just got yet another leaflet through the letterbox telling me how wonderful my life would be if I received a weekly box of vegetables for me and my family.  This is folded into a leaflet that tells me that I can get pizza delivered at almost any time of day or night for a bargain price. 
How useless these are.  I buy vegetables when I’m in the supermarket and I cannot eat pizza. 

What I do want to find on my doormat, however, is a leaflet offering me what I do need: the foodstuffs I do run out of, that I need stocking up on in between supermarket trips.  Chocolate.   Chocolate is the one thing I do panic about when I run out.  It is the thing that I need at almost any time of day or night.  I don’t get the same feeling about vegetables.  Besides, I always have a supply in the freezer.    

I would like to have a weekly box of chocolate delivered so I never run out.  It doesn’t have to be exclusively chocolate, of course.  It would be good to be able to ring for a delivery in the evenings too.  Especially when hubby is still at work and I really fancy some biscuits but I can’t leave the house.  

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