Sunday, 15 January 2012

All poorly here

Not good fun to spend the weekend poorly, but there you go.  Unfortunately we don't get to choose when to be ill, do we?  Although I am not sure if we could choose, if we would ever know when to pick?

I thought that December would have been a time to have been ill, as I had 'time'.  However, when it came to it, I ended up so busy that it would've been really inconvenient.  This weekend wasn't great, but in someways a weekend is better as it doesn't interrupt the order of the week, when the important things need doing.

I am terrible at resting and relaxing and 'getting well'.  I find the whole thing tedious and that I am wasting my time.  So, I tried to make it as positive as possible.  We had a lazy family morning with the little one spending too much time with the iPod, but I did enjoy the cuddle in bed.  Also, I managed to finish my book.

Not sure what to do with it now as I wasn't too impressed and not sure who on earth I know that would appreciate it.  I feel sad for the book, but I think that it will be back to the charity shop with it.

Not much cooking of late as been poorly.  Didn't even manage to cook a birthday cake for hubby - poor thing.  Will try to do some biscuits tomorrow though.

If you're full of germs this winter, just relax and try to make something positive out of it and I hope you feel better soon.