Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Poem

The Gruffalo?  What’s The Gruffalo? 
Why didn’t you know?

It’s a children’s book that’s written in rhyme
The kids like to read it time after time

It goes round your head all night and all day
All the bits the animals say

The merchandising covers the shops
Umbrellas, bags and lollipops

Gardening gloves, stickers and wellies
Wall charts, aprons and cuddly teddies

You can’t escape him, don’t you know
For he is The Gruffalo

This Christmas, the folks at the BBC
They decided to put it on TV

Of course, we had to have a look
To see if it was as good as the book

“Amazing” we said as the art was great
And the music truly was first rate

“Astounding” we said, they’ve done it just right
We should watch it tomorrow night

Over the holiday we watch it more times
Our heads are now full of its rhymes

But now when we read, the horror arises
There really are no surprises

My child now knows just how it should be
But I’m not an actor, I’m just me

It’s hard with the voices, to make it so long
When I just want to hurry along

I escape downstairs for ‘mummy time’
It takes an hour to stop thinking in rhyme

Later, I snuggle down to dream but...oh no...
Here he’s The Gruffalo!

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