Saturday, 28 January 2012

Procrastination notes

Children are masters of procrastination.  They soon learn which are triggers for getting parents to attend to them or delay hte inevitable, whether it's a complaint of a pain, or a need to visit the loo, or some other urgent need where the parent will feel guilty enough or concerned enough to give them the benefit of the doubt.

This week I've been thinking about that and also my own procrastination.  As part of my desire to 'do more' this year, I have been analysing my time and where it goes.  There are certainly some areas that could be improved with money/space - such as a dishwasher and cleaner.  Those alone could save me several hours a week.  But, if I 'did more' during those hours, would it be something that could pay for those time-saving things?  I'm not convinced at this point.  Therefore, I need to look at what else sucks up my time (child aside).  TV - a lot of the time I feel tired and want to just 'rest' in front of the box, but then find myself complaining that there is nothing on.  When I do feel guilty about it, I do find myself making the excuse of needing the rest or that actually I do sometimes stumble upon an interesting programme and learn something or am inspired.  However, I am starting to realise that all too often I use the TV as a mind-block.  To rest, not my body, but my brain.  To watch programmes that I can see are my escape - the land of fiction, like when I read at bedtime.  Not for me reality TV and round the clock news, no, I like programmes set in glorious, constant sunshine where all the characters are rich, if not in monetary terms, but in their lifestyle (by the coast, or in a wonderfully supportive community).

I have always liked to escape and enjoyed reading as youngster books of adventures by interesting people in places with fascinating names.  I like the idea of watching terribly thought-provoking films, but most of the time will end up choosing a rom-com that doesn't require much brain power to follow.

So, this week, I am going to try to limit (weam myself off!) some of the nonsense TV and live in my world - the one outside my head and see if it makes a difference to the amount I can get done........I start tomorrow.....