Sunday, 4 March 2012

Aisles of desire

In many ways I am fortunate.  I live very close to some very nice department stores.  One in particular is very easy to park near, has great toilets for both me and the little one, has good lifts for the pushchair........and is full of beautiful things. 

The only thing is, every time I walk through it I am filled with the desire for a bigger, better home with a bigger, better bathroom for bales of bouncy towels, for a study with empty bookcases to fill with gorgeous stationery items, for a huge dining room to store several sets of matching crockery, for a living room the size of a mainline station to accommodate the enormous clock that I am currently coveting and six sofas so I can fill them all with exquisite cushions.  The store designers are to be congratulated as they are truly experts in their field.  I feel inadequate in my home furnishings and that I have somehow failed in life that I do not have the perfect home to put all these perfect things in. 

So, I have decided to avoid the temptress of dreams.  Buddhists believe that desire that can never be satisfied can only bring suffering.  I shall park elsewhere, pee elsewhere and hopefully feel happier and more content with my home as a result.

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