Thursday, 15 March 2012

A confession: I love my carpet sweeper

I know I sound like a housewife from the 1890’s, but I love it.  I inherited our current vacuum when I moved in with Husband and it is a man-sized, cumbersome beast.  It was invented by a man (you know the one), for men who don’t know what to look for when buying a vacuum.  Husband refuses to replace his vacuum, so I refuse to clean the floors with it.  This has worked just fine in the past when we had mainly hard-flooring, but in this house, it is a problem.   Not content to be stuck with one pass of the vacuum a week (when Husband is free at the weekend), I use my humble carpet sweeper once a day instead.  

I love it because it is so light for carrying upstairs and it’s a bonus that it doesn’t use electricity.  That means I don’t need to find a handy plug, be careful with the wire, warn the little one about the noise or pay to use it.  No fancy attachments or instructions means it is also easy to use and easy to empty.  

It is sad that so often automated products are seen as best.  We have been sold the idea that the vacuum is the only answer and now they are supposed to wash as well.  And for a small spill, it has to be a handheld power vacuum rather than a dustpan and brush!*

So, next time you are perusing the ‘laminated book of dreams’, do give the carpet sweepers a glance, you might be surprised how cheap and wonderful they are.

* Notes:
·         Of course, vacuums are great and should be used to get rid of dust.  For crumbs and general sock fluff issues, though, a carpet sweeper rules.
·         Dishwashers are of course fantastic and the only way to deal with the washing up... I miss mine...*sob*. 

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