Friday, 16 March 2012

Bathtime fitness

In my determination to fit more into my day, I decided to use the time that the little one is in the bath to do some stretching.  Now, our bathroom is not big and I only have an 'L' shape to work with.  This does mean I have to have a certain level of flexibility and my legs are wedged between the bath and the loo when I sit down.  Standing stretches are also a bit tricky due to the number of cabinets, door handles, sink, etc.  However, I do have plenty of places to rest my book of stretching and I can at least follow most stretches for my shoulders and back.

So far it is working out just fine and the little one is actually quite encouraging.  The only downside is that bathtimes are now just calmer.  I stretch, we chat, he plays calmly.  This sounds good, I hear you say.  This is true, but I do miss the more raucous, splashy fun bathtimes. 

Do you have any other suggestions of how I can fit in more fitness?  Aside of course from heavy lifting (little one) and running up the stairs?

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