Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Mother's Work Meme

Still getting used to all this stuff, but going to have a go at this anyway as it is a cause I believe in.....

A Mother’s Work Meme
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1.  Did you work before becoming a mum?
Yes, I did.  However, I took a step down before getting pregnant as I took a brave move to relocate to be with my now husband, with the hope that marriage and children would follow.  When I got pregnant I was contracting, so maternity leave was not something I had to deal with. 

2.  What is your current situation?
I am at home with my toddler at the moment.  I spent the first two years with him and then last year I went back to work while husband became a SAHD.  We have swapped again and now I am looking to do some work that will fit around bringing up the little one.  We both want one of us there for him over the next few years and working around school hours was not something we thought of when planning a career! Money is not easy though and nor is being at home doing the housework.

3.  Freestyle – got your own point you’d like to get across on this issue? Here’s your chance…
Rant 1: So Too much of being a SAHM is about housework, which is tedious - especially without a dishwasher! I would be happy to stay at home and do mummy things, if I could have a maid to do all the food planning, shopping, cleaning and cooking.  I often feel like SAHM is actually a misnomer as the 'Mum' part is just a part, and some days not a big one, of what you have to do as the parent at home.  I prefer 'Director of Home Affairs'....just wish the salary matched the title.

Rant 2: Society seems to have changed so much that there are so few SAHPs ('Parents' so as not to disrespect my dear husband) around these days.  So, actually, being in an office provides adult conversation, a chance to complain about kids, childcare, sleepless nights, etc. in a way that being at home doesn't. 

Rant 3: When did parenting your child/ren become a luxury?  We struggle on one income so we can steer, educate and give our child some manners and morals that we believe in.  I think kids should be kids for a while when they are young and institutions are for when they're older. 

Rant 4: I wish that flexible working opportunities were better, but understand why.  I wish that kids were taught more about being parents at school in relation to careers so I didn't get to this age and feel a bit miffed that no one thought to point all this out.

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  1. Hello! What a brilliant meme response!

    I am adopting 'Director of Home Affairs' and adding 'Director of Child's Life' alongside it. Oh, then there's 'Director of Parent Blogging' (Hackney Branch) and 'Director of Clawing Round Trying To Earn Some Cash Of My Own'. That just about sums up where I am at, at the moment!!!

    And yes, when did parenting your children become a luxury?!