Friday, 24 February 2012

Book Review: "Covenant" by Dean Crawford

Well, I finally got to the end.  To a certain extent, finishing it made me think 'really?  This got published?'.  It is his first novel and it was a great attempt to have a plot and try and get a real point and information across.  Unfortunately he doesn't include any information about whether any of the theories presented are actually based in fact or purely fiction out of his head.

It might make a good film I guess as there is a lot of action - so much so that I did find myself skimming down the page just to see if the lead made it out alive/injured.  It is interesting that one of the main characters is killed off.  That is always a bold move.  However, in this instance, having already allocated the character a lot of page space, it did seem a bit of a waste.  He is replaced by a minor character, which ultimately doesn't really work for me as I didn't feel I had the background on her.

Overall, it's interesting, but low on plot and was hard to read before sleep.

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