Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Glad Game

Having suffered the scurge of germs for a few weeks now with little respite we are all feeling a bit down and grumpy about it.

I also learned this last week that February is the top month for suicides.  Although suicide is something I cannot understand easily, I can see that it is not a happy month for many.  The mornings are getting lighter, which is good, but it is the end of winter, so we are all fed up with the cold and the dark and being kept indoors more than we'd like.  The germs are out in force, particularly among the kids.  It is not a good time of year for finances, for most people (I did wonder whether February was a bumper month for the National Lottery as well!) and it is often the month that we have yet to book things to look forward to.

For us, finding time to book a holiday is one thing, but then so is knowing how the year will pan out this early on.  This is making it hard to pick a date and stick to it by committing money so early in the year.

All of this has led me to my own version of Hayley Mills' Glad Game.  It is so easy to look around and get grumpy about everything around me so I am trying to turn it around.  There are, of course, people worse off - and not necessarily in other countries, there are more likely to be people in the same street or town.

A great saying I heard once was "If everything threw their problems up in the air, you'd still want to catch yours".  This is usually so true.  So, yes, we've been ill.  On the plus side, not going out is cheaper.  Hubby working from home was not great for maintaining routine, but then was nice to see him so much.  The year is not yet planned - how great, so many opportunities. 

I will try not to spend too much time trawling through holiday websites as that will go against my anti-procrastination plan....but then, the looking is half the fun!