Thursday, 23 February 2012

Coach tour

Quite often I think about talking things over with an objective person.  Years ago that person would have been my Grandad.  Later in his life it wasn't as easy to get advice and I started to wonder who else there was.  Parents are ok but they do tend towards the emotional, judgemental and their own opinion on what they want life to be like for you.

I did consider popping to my local church but wasn't sure if it would be open.  At the time I lived in London and figured that these days they weren't the same 'drop in for a chat' places that I knew as a kid.  Not that I ever dropped in for a chat as a kid. 

I would now consider myself to be agnostic, so I have not been inside my local church, despite attending the church hall playgroup.  I have seen the vicar, but have never got into coversation.  It is a shame really, here is a person trained not to judge, to listen, to guide and I don't have to pay to talk to them.  Ok, they may talk to me about God a bit, but that's ok by me as I can make up my own mind happily on that.

My other option is to pay a life coach.  It seems more and more people I know have one of these.  The qualification for becoming one seems quite light really and essentially I think they are there to listen and guide, but don't sound as scary as a 'therapist'.  From what I can gather the emphasis is a bit more on giving you a kick up the butt and guidance rather than finding out what effect your parents had on you.  Sounds like something that we didn't need years ago as we would have had extended family around and more of a community and even church.  It seems one of those industries that has come out of the change in society, like childminding.

I am not booking my place for a life coach just yet, but am going to try to use the contacts I do have to see if I can find someone to talk to that knows me and can help just as easily.