Friday, 24 February 2012

TFI Friday

Yesterday I cut one of my fingers.  Nothing serious, just annoying as on a knuckle and, as every Mum knows, you have to wash your hands upteen times a day, followed often by washing another pair of hands.  Therefore, have been protecting it with a plaster most of the day as not healing quickly.  The little one has been a bit of pain this afternoon so I wasn't in the best of moods around 5:30pm when the pan I was holding pushed against aforementioned sore finger causing me to yelp and spill hot rice over the floor.  At this point, the little one swings between 'I'm hungry' and 'You have to clear that up, Mummy'.  I decided to leave the mess and feed us both.  However, after eating, I went back to the kitchen to clean the floor up. 

Sounds easy.  But, remember, this isn't any afternoon, this is a bad Friday, in short I manage to get a bit of skirting board stuck down the nail of the finger next to the one with the now wet, soggy, flash-wipe covered plaster.  Blood.  Upset toddler.  Frantic searching for tweezers.  Did I mention pain?  Found tweezers - no time to sterilise! - found nail scissors to (using left hand!) cut nail to get to the splinter easier.  Excellent, you think, amputation avoided.....'Mummy, pipi's coming!'.  Put down scissors, tweezers, hold finger above heart, help toddler to complete peeing whilst hiding bleeding finger....and so on in a farcical manner until splinter removed (hopefully all of it!) and antiseptic applied. 

Kitchen left untouched for Hubby to enjoy on his return after a long day at work and 90 mins commute. 

The evening continued with me counting the minutes until 'tidy up time'.  Bathtime brought its own fun with having to extract wet, slippy toddler from the bath as another urgent toilet matter was about to occur.  As he sat there, dripping bath water, his head covered in shampoo,  I did have to laugh. 

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  1. Hello!

    At least you got the toddler on the toilet before any poop appeared, I've not always been so lucky with my daughter!

    Thanks for your comment with the fabulous radio station, I've added it to the Ma Puce section of along with a link to this blog.