Saturday, 11 February 2012

Review: RJ Ellory's The Saints of New York

The cover asks the questions: 'Should you atone for the sins of your father?'.  Not sure that this really conveys the story well.  As previously mentioned, the plot itself is thin and perhaps even a little too complex for what it is trying to get across.

However, I did like some of the great thoughts that appear throughout the book.  The best is: 'What do you want most in life and what would you do to get it?'.  That's a good one to muse over I think. The trouble with some of these great thought-provoking points is that I kept stopping, thinking about them and sometimes discussing them for ten minutes or so with Husband.  That was great and we enjoyed those discussions.  Nevertheless, as soon as I step back from a book like that, it says to me that the characters and plot hasn't really drawn me in.

I think R J Ellory would produce a fab book with the thought-provoking stuff at the forefront, rather than squeezing it around too many characters and a detailed crime plot.

Still, I would be interested in reading another of his if I saw it.

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