Monday, 27 February 2012

Can Ikea organise my life?

My thoughts over the weekend were about compartmentatlising.  Ikea helped me with comparmentalising lots of drawers in our house, so I was wondering if they have a already brought a product that can help me organise my life.

There a few competing elements in my life at the moment and I want to do them all, all of the time.  Of course, this is not working.  What is happening is that each of them is not getting enough attention and focus.  Also, it is important to find the right time to do things.  Housework is good when I need to do something physical, or don't want to sit in front of the computer or notepad.  Trouble is, it is easy to avoid things if you give yourself options.  That got me to thinking about organising my week to make time for each of the activities I want to focus on.   I am assessing this today to think whether organising my time is a way of not getting things actually done - like a school pupil spending hours on their revision timetable rather than revising!  So, yes, I wish I could pop to Ikea for an easy and cheap solution. 

I am a one for calendars and diaries but when something doesn't happen on the date you planned, for whatever reason, it is hard to make the time back up, or remember that you should.

Can anyone suggest an online programme, or other tip?

Once I have scheduled in my next post, I will let you know about my success at finding a new life coach - for free!

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